Adonis Golden Ratio System

John Barban is the creator of AGR.

John holds several degrees, including a Masters in Human Biology. He did his graduate research in Exercise Physiology. He is also a Personal Trainer and a certified Kinesiologist who has worked in the dietary and sports supplement industry for over eight years. He has spent this time researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements.

The AGR is based on John’s own desire to get a lean, attractive body. You’ll know this is true when you see his before and after pictures. After years of trial and error, John finally figured out what he needed to focus on to get the exact body shape he was searching for: testosterone.

He found that testosterone is not only necessary to build lean muscle in all the right places, but it’s also essential to help a man lose unsightly belly fat. And that is how the Adonis Golden Ratio evolved.

When you purchase the AGR system, you will be given immediate access to all three plans.

Each of these systems includes a workout program, detailed nutrition plan and a supplement guide. You’ll also receive a software program that helps you customize meal plans that will work for you, based on your needs and preferences.

Inside every single workout, you’ll see that each of the exercises has a separate tutorial video for you to watch. You’ll also have access to additional videos by John Barban and his colleagues with information on muscle mass, fat loss, and much more.

So if you’re a man looking to boost your confidence with a beach body that’ll turn heads thanks to your muscular shoulders, six pack abs and narrow waist, you’re going to want to read more about the Adonis Golden Ratio program.



  • 3-12 weeks

The Adonis Golden Ratio, also known as AGR, is split up into three 12-week training programs. It also includes a 12-week nutrition plan and supplement guide.

Each of the training programs has a different goal. So if you want to lose fat, build muscle or lose fat and build muscle at the same time, there is the perfect 12-week program designed for your specific goals no matter what fitness level you’re starting out at.

After you enter your height, weight, and waist measurements, the AGR calculator will recommend which training, nutrition, and supplement track you should follow in order to create your best body shape.


  • Website

The Adonis Golden Ratio system can only be accessed online. There are no hardcopy versions available.

After you purchase AGR, you’ll be emailed your temporary username and password which will grant you instant access to the AGR online membership website. You’ll be able to access your programs and download the nutritional software that will help you track your results.

You can download and print off the training programs, grocery shopping lists, and meal plans for the 12-week program that best meets your goals. There is also an Adonis Golden Ratio app for both Apple and Android users.

If you are unsure about any of the exercises, you can view each separate workout online and click the specific exercise in question to view a brief video tutorial for each one.

You can have your best body shape


The Adonis Golden Ratio system has been designed specifically for men.

John Barban, the program’s creator, believes that testosterone is the magic switch that can help men lose fat and build muscle. In AGR, he educates men on the things they often do that can accelerate the loss of their natural testosterone levels that already begin to decline after the age of 30.

He also tells them what they can do to help boost their natural testosterone levels so they can start to lose fat and/or build muscle.


The Adonis Golden Ratio system is a program that works for all adult men.

Any man at any age or fitness level that wants to lose fat or increase their muscle mass will benefit from the testosterone-boosting effects of this program. They’ll also benefit from avoiding five foods men commonly eat that interfere with their natural testosterone levels.

Since guys naturally begin to experience declining testosterone levels after the age of 30, it is important that all men learn how to maximize their body’s ability to create testosterone.

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