Deepwater Method – IFBB Pro-Bodybuilder Jon Andersen.

Jon Andersen and the DeepWater Method has already helped Countless People Around the World. The question is  ARE YOU NEXT?

An eye-opening article by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Pro Strongman and Pro Wrestler

Jon Andersen.

Hi! My name is Jon Andersen and I am so glad you decided to take time out of your day so I can expose you to the 5 MOST COMMON ATTRIBUTES people are lacking in their quest for maximum muscle gains.

Throughout my entire career as a fitness coach, I have encountered people like yourself all the time. People who really want to change and create greatness for themselves, but who lack the knowledge and direction on what to do in the weight room and in the kitchen.

I was in your shoes at one point; I was at a point where I wanted to change so bad I just did not know how.

That was the old me though…would you believe me if I told you I went on to become a professional at 3 different athletic endeavors?!


You read that correctly. The reason why I was able to do it was because of the DeepWater Weight Training System.

For the first time ever, I have journaled the DeepWater Weight Training System and how it can be applied to your goals so you can get in the best shape of your life without doing cardio or feeling hungry.

I will take you step by step through the in-gym weight training, the nutrition, the lifestyle and the discipline required in order for you too to change your life and dive into DeepWater!

It’s the same system that helped me become one of the strongest, most agile, ripped men in the world!

The same system that allowed me to become a professional strongman by my 2nd contest. Not to mention win my first professional contest by the 4th contest I did.

The same system that got me a full wrestling contract in Japan and winning the most valuable international talent award. All while getting to wrestle in North Korea to promote peace.

THE SAME SYSTEM that turned me into an IFBB Professional bodybuilder by my 2nd contest!

But first, let’s acknowledge what you’re thinking:

“There is no way I could do something like that, people who do this have good genetics, use steroids, have luck on their side and life just doesn’t work like that for me.”


This is the first step; to learn that I am a human being just like you.

I just learned to master the DeepWater Method. Once you learn how to master it, you too can achieve a great body along with a mindset that will absolutely transform your life.

Stop wasting so much time in the cardio section and starving yourself. That is not the way to gain muscle! Long gone will be the days of low self-esteem and hating what you see in the mirror.

This has been what allowed me to achieve the things that others only dream of! No luck or steroids are required for the DeepWater Weight Training System to make you successful!

In fact, most of the athletes I work with are drug-free and I prefer working with them. They are able to see their true potential without using exogenous hormones.

Let me tell you a little something about me.

I used to get constantly bullied for being chubby and for the way I talked.

Growing up so fat, I developed the lowest self-esteem imaginable. I thought that everyone around me was better than me and that I deserved what I was getting. Although I hated every minute of it, I felt so worthless that I never thought there was anything I could do to stop it. I had fallen in the trap that most individuals on this earth fall into. Being complacent with what your current situation is and not doing anything about it.

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