Manifest Weight Loss with Buddhist Meditations: Samsara

These Powerful Buddhist Meditations Help You Melt Off The Pounds Without Exercise, Dieting or Supplements


Through the power of Samsara™ Weight Loss Meditations, you’ll re-wire your brain to stop hunger cravings in their tracks, cancel the desire to binge eat unhealthy foods and activate your “abundance mindset” to trigger transformation from within…

    90% of people fail to lose weight through dieting, yet dozens of studies continue to show that Mindful Meditation effectively helps obese people lose weight – and keep it off over the long term
    Listening to the proprietary Samsara™ Weight Loss guided meditations teaches you how to focus your mind and avoid hunger cravings so you can manifest the dream body you’ve always desired
    Relaxing your mind and focussing your intention to develop more self-control so you can ignore hunger cravings, sugar cravings and unhealthy foods is a cornerstone of the Samsara™ Weight Loss Meditations.
    With improved self-control and an enhanced ability to focus your mind, you’ll avoid the all-to-common sabotage of unhealthy binge-eating in times of stress and high emotion
    Snapping out of your “Hunger Mindset” and activating your “Abundance Mindset” is the key switch in your mind to more than just weight – but unlocking an active life of abundance and true happiness
“The Samsara™ Weight Loss program is a guided meditations based on principals used by Buddhist monks to control their appetites during long days without food. The use of Mindful Meditation to control appetite and lose weight is now backed by dozens of studies and proven to be more effective than dieting alone”
– Carrie Baker
Get The Samsara Meditations Now
And Manifest Weight Loss Into Your Life
Begin Your Journey & Start Manifesting Weight Loss Today

“My transformation shocked everybody, especially my ex-husband”

Samsara™ is a completely new and unique approach to weight loss, based on the ancient Buddhist practices of monks in today’s modern world.

It is the only weight-loss program in the world to focus on the scientifically proven benefits of Mindful Meditation.

Mindful Meditation is shown to not just be an effective method of controlling appetite and losing weight, but also keeping lost weight off over the long term.

Get The Samsara Meditations Now
And Manifest Weight Loss Into Your Life
Begin Your Journey & Start Manifesting Weight Loss Today

Samsara™ Meditations Are Backed By A 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll see results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee lasting a whole 12 months.

Testimonials from Verified Clients:

1,896+ Verified 5* Reviews

“Since discovering Samsara, I’ve lost almost 30lbs!”
I’ve always struggled to lose weight, but since discovering Samsara Weight Loss, I’ve lost almost 30lbs! It’s amazing to think you can get these type of results without diet or exercise – absolutely wonderful!
Melissa H.
California, USA
“Finally something which works! THANK YOU!!”
I’ve been going to the gym for years and sticking to a really boring diet but I’ve never actually lost any weight – until I started listening to Samsara – Finally something which works! I’ve lost 36lbs! THANK YOU!!
Kathy T..
Illinois, USA
“Wow! I feel like I have total control over my hunger now!”
Wow! Seriously, Samsara is amazing. I’ve also been an impulsive eater, but I feel like I have total control over my hunger now! It really does work and I’d recommend it to anyone!
Eliza D.
Manchester, UK
“Helped me stop binge eating and finally control my appetite”
Listening to the Samsara Meditations helped be to get back control over my impulsive eating habits, stop binge eating and finally control my appetite!
Cass F.
Virginia, USA
“First time I’ve ever had any real success with weight loss!”
I’ve tried losing weight so many times before – Samsara is the first time I’ve ever had any real success with weight loss! Thank you so much!
Samantha B.
California, USA
“I’ve always failed at dieting… Samsara is truly magical!”
Dieting has never worked for me because I have a really stressful job. I end up eating foods I know are bad but I always felt like I didn’t really have a choice. All that changed after listening to Samsara for just a week – Samsara is truly magical!
Jamie T.
Ontario, CA
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