Totally Bangin Tan от Turbo Babe

Мусс для автозагара Streak Free для равномерного загара,

Отделка из натуральной  бронзы  каждый раз…
Без липкой вонючей каши


 «Я очень бледная осенью и зимой. Я так счастлива, что наконец-то нашла автозагар,  который  выглядит естественно и действительно помогает разгладить мои тонкие линии и морщины — Эмили».

  • Глубокая натуральная  средиземноморская  бронза  гарантирована
  • Высыхает менее чем за 3 минуты
  • Длится до 11 дней
  • Нет «запаха искусственного загара»
  • Медленно, даже тускнеет – как настоящий загар
  • 100% botanical ingredients MADE to work with cellulite, stretch marks, dryness, and every other lump and bump on your real babe bod

“I’ve used every tanner on the market and by far this is the best. I can’t say enough great things about this tanner.” – Jessica

Real Babes, Real Results

YES! I Want an EASY Blotch-Proof Tanning Mousse That Looks REAL

“Only tanner that covers my cellulite” – Sarah

Your Tan Only Lasts as Long as Your Top Layer of Skin

Big brands use certain ingredients to save money,

but Alcohol and Perfume make you more flaky than your ex…
What’s the last self-tanner you tried? You might have noticed a bunch of streaks, blotches and patches…or watched your glow disappear after just a couple of days.
That’s why Totally Bangin uses ultra-hydrating sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, cranberry, cucumber, rosehip, and vitamin E extracts instead….
To maintain that healthy outer layer so you get a natural Mediterranean bronze finish that sticks around for up to 11 days.

We Don’t Use Alcohol & Perfume Because They Cause Dry, Flaky Build Up…


“Denatured” Alcohol can cause a build up of dead, flaky skin cells where ingredients get caught…

Causing that dreaded 

orangey stain!


Perfume dries out the skin’s surface and gets caught in creases, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, lumps and bumps…
Causing that uneven, blotchy pattern that can look like an embarrassing rash.

  Emollients, Solvents and 100% Natural Botanicals

Instead we use the skin-loving alternative, glycols, which have the same antimicrobial and preservative benefits of alcohol, but attract and lock in moisture.

We use the same ingredients found in baby lotions and medical grade moisturizers.
+11 all-natural botanicals that plump, smooth, and prep the skin instantly.

We Use 100% Natural Botanicals That Are Proven to Hydrate, Plump, or Even Out the Skin’s Sensitive Outer Layer

Finally, a Natural-Looking Self Tanner Powered by 100% Skin-Loving Botanical Ingredients

And don’t worry…we ditched the ingredients that make other
self tanners an orange, streaky mess.

Sunflower Seed Oil

We want you to feel good about using Totally Bangin’ on your sensitive face, too. That’s why we included one of few oils that’s a barrier against germs and won’t clog pores. It’s highly absorbent, so it soaks deep into the skin’s layers, making it silky soft to the touch.

Beet Root Extract

Helps reduce the formation of ‘melanin’ build up, behind hyperpigmentation. Plus it refreshes skin cells, making it hard for dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles to form.

Cranberry Antioxidants

Fine lines and wrinkles hate this powerful antioxidant that can slow their formation, and help stop skin-plumping collagen from breaking down overtime. They can even help with body acne because their acids continually clean out pores so they don’t get clogged.

Vitamin C L-ascorbic Acid

Can help dramatically brighten the skin, and boost overall radiance, all-day.
So even when your tan fades, you’re
still glowing.

Vitamin E

Can help even out the appearance of skin by visibly improving all-over tone and texture. It can help renew skin cells and encourages blood circulation while you sleep, helping the skin look firm. Especially when paired with Vitamin C, it can help reduce inflammation and bacteria build up that leads to breakouts. No wonder it’s been recommended by dermatologists for over 60 years.

Cocoa Seed Butter

Your tan can last days longer when you lock in the skin’s thick moisture barrier. These buttery fatty acids can help plump and rejuvenate drier, flaky patches like knees and elbows. We added this so you can glow brighter, for longer.

Rose Hip Oil

Это натуральное противовоспалительное средство ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО хорошо корректирует цвет. Это может уменьшить появление неравномерного тона кожи, растяжек, шрамов и тонких линий. Кроме того, он удерживает всю сочную гидратацию и натуральные масла других наших ингредиентов.
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