Diabetes Smarts

My doctor reviewed my results and gasped. I thought she was going to cry!
“Rachel… We have to start you on insulin, right now!” she said… “How did we let this get so far?”
This was the darkest day of the worst time of my life.

I was depressed and honestly I was rushing towards a painful death at an alarming rate.

I was 5’2 ft and weighed 220 pounds.

My husband and I were unable to conceive a child and we were desperate!

3 years earlier, I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but I did everything I could to ignore it.

I struggled with the prescribed diet and avoided taking the medication I was given…

Instead, I distracted myself with other things going on in my life.


Truthfully though, I was slowly but surely killing myself.

I hid from my doctor that whole time, and avoided making appointments.

By the time I was sick enough to return to the clinic my HbA1c was a morbid 81 mmol/mol.

My Cholesterol levels were insane.

My Doctor, who was almost in tears, kept asking me “How did this happen? How did this get so much worse?”

She continued, but I wasn’t fully listening.

Phrases drifted in and out.

“Inject 3 times a day…”

“Chronic fatigue..”

“Nerve damage…”


“Amputation of the foot..”


“insulin resistance…”

“Diabetic coma…”

“Premature death”

“May not live to see another decade…”

There was no more hiding. I had failed. I was dying!

I was going to be a burden on my family!

I wasn’t going to see 50!

This couldn’t be my life!

Then it began.

The begging… for the reversal of my diabetes…

I begged with my doctor! “Please give me more time! Just 3 more months! I’ll do anything!”

Then with God “Please if you just get me through this. And give me the strength to beat this… I will tell my story to everyone who will listen.”

And that’s why I’m here!

What happened next, I can only describe as a miracle…

I fled from my doctor’s office, determined to do what it took to reverse type 2 diabetes.

I wouldn’t accept it when the nurse said “It can’t be done. Just relax and accept it.” 

Wrong answer!

So I went on the internet, and searched frantically for answers.

But I came up with nothing except for some crazy over-hyped (and unproven) medicines from far away countries…

And some hints on controlling your diabetes from (would you believe it…) pharmaceutical companies that produce diabetes medication!

How can that be right?

If you are a pre diabetic or you have type 2 diabetes… and you’ve suffered for years, you are going to know how I felt.

Maybe you feel the same.

Angry, humiliated, frustrated, and tired of being treated like a child who needs to be scolded for taking a piece of cake at a family birthday.

Well, I discovered the answer and started taking action.

I couldn’t believe how quick I started reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes.

You heard me right!

I reversed all the symptoms of diabetes and have been in the best health of my adult life for 5 years now!

I didn’t accept this was my future and neither should you.

Did you know that over 422 Million people worldwide and over 35 million people in the United States alone have some form of diabetes?

That means that 1 in 11 people you know already have it.

But it gets worse.

When it comes to pre-diabetes, the stage people are at before they become full blown diabetics…

…There are a further 86 Million Americans, and hundreds of millions worldwide…

…Many of whom are undiagnosed.

It’s estimated that as much as 1 in 3 adults are either prediabetic or diabetic.

Please don’t take this information lightly… Diabetes KILLS!

It takes away your loved ones

It could hit your Mother, brother, your sister…

Or an aunt, or an uncle, or grandparent.

There is even a whole new generation of children with type 2 diabetes.

Some as young as 4 years old.

And the truth is, it’s a slow, painful, humiliating and exhausting death.

I know I was always tired.

I didn’t seem to be able to lose weight and exercise was so exhausting.

I have read that diabetes makes it 10 times harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Even worse, it left me with serious fertility issues for well over a decade.

My heart ached for that someone that was missing.

But I wouldn’t accept that as my future and neither should you!

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