Dominate Your Double Unders

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From: Robby Blanchard
Date: August 29, 2017

Dear Future Double Under Champ,

Are you struggling to get your double unders like my client John?
John is a super dedicated member of my Box. He shows up to each and every WOD religiously.  He’s been WODing here at my Box for a little over a year and in that time he has gotten so much better and even is able to RX some workouts.
However, there is one movement that seems to still give him lots of trouble.
Double Unders.
He tries and tries but for whatever reason he just can’t seem to grasp it.  He keeps trying but he just ends up with lot of whip marks and a frustration level to match.
I’m sure you know exactly how John feels right? Often times the double unders are the one thing that is holding him back from Rx’ing a workout and having a much better time on his WOD.
John has tried everything from changing his shoes, to trying three different types of jump ropes (and spending over $150), to watching every video out there. But still nothing.
I am sure you have also experienced that same level of frustration…and its not fun.
Fact: Without the proper instruction, you could go months or even years without learning how to do double unders (trust me I’ve seen it.)

When that happens….chances are you might give up right?

Listen I get it. I know you are frustrated and want to give up. I’ve seen it time and time again.
Think about it…do you try to get your double unders but you just end up with a bunch of whip marks all over your arms and legs? How cruel is that…not only can you not learn the movement, but you get whipped because of it!
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