Although this photo with my newborn twins and loving husband   of 8 years – was – at the time – one of the happiest and most fulfilling moments in my entire life – it was also – unfortunately – the start of a weight gain nightmare that crippled my physical and mental health, self-confidence, and energy – to the point where friends I’d run into that I hadn’t seen in years didn’t even recognize me!

And although those painful memories are difficult and humiliating for me to tell – I thank God each and every morning for what happened next.

Because what happened next led me to a weight loss journey – that I believe not only changed my life – but I believe it could very well change millions of other women’s as well – and hopefully – even your own.

I feel better than I did when I was 20 – and my sexual health – well… let’s just say that little secret stays in the bedroom.

All of this – while still being able to enjoy all of my favourite foods like chocolate and pasta – and even share a romantic bottle of wine with my husband on our date nights.

And most importantly – this simple, natural exotic mixture – that only takes 30 seconds a day to implement – helped me support my mental health, confidence, energy – and with god’s help – gave me the strength and courage to save my marriage to my loving and supporting husband Matthew – and be the mother that I always dreamed about being – one that my children can proudly look up to – and can count on for many more years to come.

And as unbelievable as my journey still feels to me – it all comes back to a 30 second morning exotic mixture that I was so blessed and forever grateful to have discovered from a very unexpected source.

And as you’ll soon learn – I’m here today not only because of the personal responsibility and desire I have to share this with each and every woman who is struggling with excess weight – but also to fulfill a special promise I made to the very person who revealed this discovery to me.

Listen – before we go any further – let me assure you this has nothing to do with pre-packaged diets, weird berry bills, silly exercise machines, or any other fad the diet industry is trying to advertise to us women.

And more importantly – it’s definitely not about starvation diets and excessive exercise – which, from my experience, will inevitably drive you into emotional distress –  leading to binge eating, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, metabolic damage and other eating disorders.

This is something completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before.

However – this does have to do with how this simple and completely natural exotic mixture – helps trigger an amazingly powerful – yet virtually dormant metabolism boosting hormone in the female body that controls almost everything to do with fat-burning for women.

Which I know may sound far fetched for you – but I promise it’s not – so just keep watching.

What’s even more unbelievable is that this very hormone that lies virtually dormant in your body – is the very reason why when you were an adolescent you could eat almost anything you wanted to – yet were slender and lean – with seemingly endless amounts of youthful energy.

And the worst part?

The common mainstream diets and exercise fads followed by millions of women today – may actually be blocking this dormant hormone’s effectiveness that much more.

Simply put – this dormant hormone may be the root cause of our struggle with our weight.

And when we don’t activate and restore our bodies ability to use it  – then losing weight can seem impossible no matter what you eat or how many endless hours of exercise you do – as I know all too well.

Hello, I’m so glad you’re still here with me.

My name is Nubbia Stirling   – and what you may not believe to be true is that for years before the birth of my twins – and my rapid weight gain – was that I was a published fitness model, personal trainer and coach for many years.

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