Meditation – “InnaPeace Meditation Program”

  Experience feelings of inner peace, joy and tranquility within 7 minutes of laying/sitting down comfortably and pressing PLAY
  Live a more centred, at ease, balanced and confident life as the heavy burden of the past is carved away and you release worries of the future
  Increase mental functioning and enjoy the benefits of whole brain synchronisation (boost focus, IQ, clarity, retention, concentration)
  Release anxiety, stress, panic and other nervous tendancies and start to enjoy your life again
  Enjoy an effortless and highly pleasurable daily relaxation period and feel the benefits and results grow more each day like a snowball effect
  Deepen your connections with family and friends and enjoy more meaningful and rewarding relationships with those you care about
  Experience an unshakable sense of inner peace and happiness that positively impacts every aspect of your life creating big waves of positivity
  Look & feel more youthful, experience a turbo-boost of energy and enjoy feeling great about the new you that emerges
  Sky-rocket your career opportunities, professional life, earning potential and immediately boost your value to the marketplace
  Release your brakes by becoming more consciously aware so you can remove mental blocks that’ve always held you back
  Enjoy the comments and compliments of others. Feel great when you are asked “what’s your secret to becoming so much calmer and happier?”
  Normalise mood and other dysfunctional mental states and live a happier, more productive, peaceful and balanced life
  Enjoy deeper more restful sleep and wake up feeling fully refreshed – No more wasted mornings feeling like a zoned-out-zombie
  Enjoy the proven benefits of deep meditation states without the usual years of hard work and discipline of a traditional meditation practice.
  You also receive access to our world-class InnaPeace support letters every month designed to guide and support you every step of the way

 A Proprietary Brainwave Guidance Program: InnaPeace™

InnaPeace™ is a series of CD-quality audio tracks with soothing sounds of nature and pleasant tones for relaxation and meditation.
Embedded within each progressively deeper track are multiple proven Brainwave Guidance (BWG) technologies. These BWG components are virtually inaudible to the ear, yet harmlessly absorbed by the brain.
Each deeper InnaPeace™ track also includes comprehensive support material, a document which explains how to achieve the maximum benefits from this breakthrough brainwave guidance technology and what to expect at each stage.
The brainwave guidance technology (3xPureTone™) built into InnaPeace™ is so cutting-edge, it’s unlike anything else in many respects.
Now here’s an illustration of the brain before and after using InnaPeace™ brainwave guidance technology. It shows the process of synchronising the brain’s activity into alignment toward whole-brain-thinking:
Each InnaPeace™ brainwave guidance audio track contains a different target brainwave frequency, which takes you into deeper states of meditation as you progress through the program.
Much like you don’t become an athlete overnight, your brain needs time to develop.
When starting an exercise program, your muscles, heart and lungs can only handle so much. You start slow and work your way up to higher intensity.
InnaPeace™ strengthens and develops your brain similarly, starting with the higher Alpha frequencies … then deeper into Theta … eventually even deeper into Delta.
The following chart shows the 4 mental states and their associated brainwave patterns as InnaPeace™ takes you deeper into meditation:

Begin enjoying all the benefits of InnaPeace™ today for only $17 (USD)

Pay just $17 today and receive instant access to the InnaPeace™ program.  Continued access after first month is $17 USD monthly. (Card or PayPal accepted)
  ​Transparent membership pricing – Just one easy monthly membership fee of $17 (USD)
  ​Easy to cancel membership – You only pay to access the InnaPeace™ program files for however long you choose! (no contracts)
  ​Safe and fully encrypted checkout with Clickbank security – secure ordering process with either PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card
  ​30 day money back guarantee if you’re not delighted with the positive benefits and results you experience – no questions asked!

A small taste of some benefits you can expect within your first 15-30 days of beginning the InnaPeace program

  You develop the mental mastery to take control of your thoughts and emotions – and by doing so, you become the conscious creator of your life experience.
  You become attuned to your intuitive, creative, limitless right-brain self as the two brain hemispheres synchronise and reorganise at a more powerful, higher level of cognition: this synchronicity promotes whole-brain “genius thinking” that will allow you to reach any goal you desire and achieve the success of your wildest dreams.
  You feel a unity with the energy of the cosmos (with all there is). Some people describe a “lightness of being” or a sensation that they are no longer physical beings but energetic beings; where the sense of separation (the cause of most of humanity’s anxiety) dissipates and is replaced by profound peace and joy.
  Your mind becomes free of the incessant chatter that keeps you stuck in negative loops of thought patterns. In time you will develop the highly coveted “quiet mind” of long-time meditators. This is something that must be experienced in order to be understood – and we provide you with step-by-step support to help you achieve this wonderfully peaceful and clear state of being.
  You release the stress that causes you to react instead of respond; causes you to make rash decisions; causes strained relationships, poor health and mental chaos. InnaPeace also raises your stress threshold. With the development of a higher stress threshold comes grace under fire, the ability to see other perspectives, feel more compassion toward others and
yourself, and to live life with greater happiness and contentment.
  You develop the ability to be more aware of yourselfYou become aware of beliefs and thought habits (and the resulting actions) that need to be released. Sometimes awareness is all it takes to release a limiting belief; if the belief is firmly entrenched, awareness lets you carve at it until the limitation is released completely. Our beliefs (limiting and otherwise) reside in the subconscious mind – outside our conscious awareness. If you can’t see it, you can’t change it – so awareness of the subconscious thoughts during meditation lets you see what needs changing.
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