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«Кто еще хочет помочь своим клиентам преодолевать фитнес-плато и получать более быстрые результаты, быстро восстанавливаться после травм и оставаться без травм на всю жизнь»

Откройте для себя секреты исправления мышечного дисбаланса, не выходя из собственного дома!


Меня зовут Рик Касель. Я всемирно известный эксперт по тренировкам и травмам, а также международный фитнес-ведущий. Я написал лучшие в отрасли руководства по травмам при физических нагрузках, множество статей, опубликованных в журналах фитнес-ассоциаций, и провел более 256 презентаций для 5021 специалиста по фитнесу в Канаде и США. (Вы можете узнать больше обо мне и увидеть мое фото ниже.)

… But before I tell you all about me and how I can help you get your clients better with faster results, and keep them injury free for life, check out what all of these fitness professionals have to say about Muscle Imbalance Revealed:


“It’s Truly a Gift that Keeps on Giving”

“Many trainers, especially myself, lack in the area of spotting technique and muscle imbalance issues with clients. In fact, I realized from MIR that by not addressing these imbalances, I was just exacerbating them each session! Muscle Imbalances Revealed gave me the foresight to spot things like tight hip flexors, which would help increase the neural drive to one’s lower body, which will help them lift more! That is just the tip of the iceberg of information found on these valuable DVDs. You will immediately become a more informative trainer in your practice after just one view of these DVDs (I view them all the time though! It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving).”

Brian H. Mahoney
The Fitness Club at Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY, USA

“The Muscle Imbalances Revealed DVDs from Rick has been great. What I learned on the DVDs was the missing link when it comes to evaluation and eventual treatment of my clients planning for patients with muscular dysfunctions.”

Ara Sakayan PT, ATC, CSCS
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer
Former New England Revolution Therapist / Trainer

“…Helped Me Out Immensely.”

“I have been in contact with Rick for only a few months now, but his Muscle Imbalances Revealed DVDs and blog have really helped me out immensely. He has a way of bringing his knowledge across very efficient and effectively. His way of systemizing muscular imbalances is something I have been looking for for a long time. ”

Rex Kanis CSCS, BA, CPT, C-FT

“This has been an Eye Opener…”

“My favorite session in this series was the session on Mobility & Muscle Imbalances by Bill Hartman. I had heard a lot about mobility in the last few years, but I did not quite understand the difference between mobility and just doing stretches. This session cleared it up. One point that stood out is that when we lack extension in the proper places, our bodies will steal the range of motion from somewhere else. This has been an eye opener in that it has helped me focus on doing exercises ‘correctly’ verses casually going through the motions, thinking I am doing something good when I am actually stressing the wrong body area. The session is also quite educational in helping one to understand where they are losing their mobility from. I agree that the points are areas of my weakness and I am working on them with a vengeance as I am in my 50’s and not getting any younger. I am combining many of these mobility exercises presented in the DVD with some rolfing and I am getting some range of motion back that I forgot that I ever had.”

Jon Webb
Insurance Adjustor and Fitness Enthusiast
Colfax, CA

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed has Undoubtedly Filled the Gap I Had.”

“There is a wealth of information on treating injuries in my area from the medical field, as well as rehabilitation care from the physical therapist. However, the practice of “Corrective Exercises” and Assessments for Functional Fitness is still relatively new at the Personal Trainer level. Even at the institutional level, the bridge between Sports Medicine and Collegiate Sports Departments is sorely lacking. The complete program of Muscle Imbalances Revealed has undoubtedly filled that gap me. I now have the knowledge and practical tools which I can quickly apply in a top-notch comprehensive training program. I have tested these in the gym and on the field, and can attest to the effectiveness of the MIR. My wholehearted thanks to Rick Kaselj and all the contributing experts of Muscle Balances Revealed, and the updates which are an added bonus.”

Luis Arrañaga, CST-KS, CKT
Strength Trainer; Kettlebell Instructor
Mexico City, Mexico

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed Program has been instrumental with our athletes.”

“The Muscule Imbalances RevealedProgram has been instrumental with our athletes. When looking at asymmetries and synergistic dominance it has helped our entire training team. Thanks Rick for your insight and the team you put together on this project.”
Shannon R. Wallace, Jr NASM-CPT,CKT,CNT
Under Armour Combine 360 Certified Trainer

“A Necessary Addition to Any trainer’s Collection.”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a great product and a necessary addition to any trainer’s collection. In my experience, many new trainers lack a fundamental understanding of anatomy and dealing with muscle imbalances. This product goes into nice detail and gives you good cues to watch for, keep your clients injury free, and get them to where they need to be. As a bootcamp owner and trainer, I continually utilize the information I acquired in Muscle Imbalances Revealedduring my boot camp sessions, so that my members can enjoy health and fitness injury free.”

Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS
Group Fat Loss and Strength and Conditioning Specialist
The Bootcamp Effect
Langley, BC
The BootcampEffect.com

“Whole New Perspective”

“With Muscle Imbalances Revealed, I have learned to look at the way the body moves with a whole new perspective and learned some new great assessment tools.

I now have a greater understanding of how the body moves.”

Kristyn Mastroianni
Certified Personal Trainer
Coventry, CT

“The Presentations Were Easy to Watch”

“I work with an older & port rehabilitation clientele so this course was handy for each and every client.

I was very happy with the presentation of the course and it was great to be able to have all the video presentations on my iPhone so I can review the information at a later time.

The presentations were easy to watch and the content was great.

Great job… thanks!”

Cathy Dreyfus
Personal Trainer
Newark, DE

“Big Thank You to You and the Team on PuttingOut Such a Great Product”

“I just want to say a big thank you to you and the team on putting out such a great product. The hip and shoulder are very complex and the information given throughout the presentations is exactly what I was looking for and something that can always be referred to. I have applied the information on myself and my clients with great success. I recently broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle, and the progress I have made with mobility in both my ankle and hip is amazing. Keep producing what you do best.”

Shannan Maciejewski
Personal Trainer

“Every Fitness Professional Should Have this in Their Arsenal”

“Rick, thanks for creating Muscle Imbalances Revealed…honestly, it’s one of the most comprehensive injury-prevention and fitness programs available. You were able to effectively link the fitness results that clients and trainers focus on and the critical injury-prevention and imbalances necessary to achieve those results.

Not only has this made me and my staff better trainers, but we can be more in-tune with our clients by increasing their strength and performance. In addition, this gives us an edge to continue to offer our clients the safest and results-oriented programs that continue to build my business.

This is definitely a program that every fitness trainer should have in their arsenal and not just watch once, but refer to frequently.”

Lindsay Vastola, CFT
Bootcamp Owner / Instructor
Editor of PFP Magazine
Princeton, NJ

“Valuable addition to my tool box”

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a valuable addition to my “tool box” when it comes to assessing imbalances throughout the kinetic chain with athletes or the general population. MIR addresses injuries that may be caused by muscles imbalances that many times get overlooked. What I liked even more was the customer services and the updates to the program that are posted in the member area. With the vast information provided by MR, Hartman, Beard, Yates, Somerset and yourself any trainer, S&C coach or PT is sure to take home valuable information.”

Brian Van Hook MS, CSCS
Strength Coach
Las Vegas, NV

“Great Program and a Must for Trainers and Trainees.”

“I have been exercising for some time now. Earlier I wasn’t able to understand why there is stagnation and plateau and niggling injuries in my regimen. After Muscle Imbalances Revealed, I understood the reasons and am able to help other trainees as well in my Gym. Great program and must for trainers and trainees.”

Babu Sivaprakasam
Personal Trainer
Mumbai, India

“Your Resources so Far Have Been Very Beneficial.”

«Я новый личный тренер, и я всегда беспокоился о том, что недостаточно знаю о травмах и о том, как с ними справляться. Ваши ресурсы до сих пор были очень полезными. Я прослушал интервью ниже, и одна вещь, которая действительно поразила меня, была разница между упражнениями по стабилизации и укреплению корпуса. Это была лишь часть его выступления, но напоминание было действительно хорошим, потому что теперь, когда я работаю в учебных лагерях или у клиентов, занимающихся персональным обучением, я могу различать, и они могут еще больше ценить основные упражнения. Спасибо, что продолжаете делиться замечательными ресурсами».

Хумайра Ирфан
Персональный тренер и инструктор группового фитнеса
Эдмонтон, Альберта, Канада
Fit Body Bootcamp Edmonton

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