Energy Medicine Neuro-Metabolic Reset For Weight Release

Freeing You From the Emotional Weight That’s Hijacked Your Metabolism…

Energy Medicine Healing for the Emotional Body as well as Healing for the Endocrine System/Hormones, the Amygdala, Hypothalamus & MORE… That ALL Contribute to Cravings, Overeating & Weight Gain… 

21 Daily “Neuro-Metabolic” Audio Sessions to free your soul – and your metabolism…

Already Recorded & Waiting For YOU

“Brilliance and continued gratitude that you, Jennifer, bring your genius to life for all of US. This online class entrains the organs, and systems of my/our bodies to be whole, healthy, joyful and free in divinely intended orchestration. I now KNOW the amazing beauty of the internal workings of my body. My senses are onboard as never before. I have lost pounds, inches and thickness. It feels better than anything could taste. Thank you from every cell in my being.”

Be Part of A Grand “Neural Physiology Reset Weight Loss” Experiment & Save HUGE $$$

21 DAYS: Each Day Experience Healing Journeys or Attunements, or Spontaneous Transformation Sessions & MORE…
For 21 Days each day you will access a powerful set of (already recorded); healing journeys, Spontaneous Transformation Sessions, attunements, sound vibration healings, and many other Energy Medicine tools here to support a new way of turning on the good genes turning off the “bad ones, resetting and switching on the hormones, creating new neural pathways, and changing the habitual beliefs that have made it difficult to lose weight.
RESET: Shift The Neural Physiology & Heal the Part of The Brain Influencing Cravings, Satiation, and Fat Release  
The intention of this program is to focus on many aspects of the neural physiology of the brain. That also means addressing the deep seated unconscious beliefs, and turning back on the endocrine system the hormones, that enables a releases of the hormones in the fat (that keep it holding on). AND ensuring the neural chemistry is working better. Plus you’ll be creating new weight set points and create vibrational support for release.
EXPERIMENT: Join a Powerful Experiment to Heal the Underlying Causes of Holding Weight (HUGE DISCOUNT)
You’re invited on a potent and sacred 21-Day journey to dive in to deep cleansing, healing, and emotional clearing, shifting the mind into a new way of experiencing weight loss. There are a lot of mechanics out there for weight loss, but not a lot focused on resetting the set point through releasing old beliefs & emotions and shifting the frequencies which is her specialty… PLUS join in at a huge discount for this grand experiment.

From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean:

Right around my 45 birthday I gained 25 pounds without changing my diet.
Then the weight kept coming on.
Maybe this is like you too?
I’ve tried a bunch of things in the vein of “doing to get a result” like; Keto diets, The Plant Paradigm diet, Fodmap diet, and more, with some weight loss, but it all came back and wasn’t really sustainable.
At this stage I pretty much know what I need to “do,” you know; lower calories, more veggies, move my body… that part is just math.
But I have come to understand that there seems to be a lot working against me (and against you) to release these extra pounds.
And “seems to be” is an important distinction… because I believe (and I have a TON of evidence) that we can shift the neural physiology –the brain– by using vibrational strategies and energy medicine.
And I’m so committed to use energy medicine to establish a weight loss pattern and new neural pathways, that I’ve created this experiment that you now have the opportunity to join today.
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