Minimalist Muscle Blitz

Renowned muscle building expert for busy men, Eric Bach reveals…
How To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, And Look Great Naked In Half The Time
To all driven, stressed and dedicated men between 25 and 55 who love their job and family, but are tired of living in declining health, lacking muscle tone, and feel like a flaccid mess of a man…

…this one’s for you.

There’s a plague sweeping the nation. No, it’s not inflation; through, admittedly, that’s a swift kick to the nuts.

This plague is holding you back from achieving the lean, muscled, and striking physique of your dreams (think Hugh Jackman in Wolverine or Chris Evans in Captain America).

If this is you, you NEED to stand up and take notice.

This letter is going to help you:
  • Understand what has compelled me to give away everything you need to build a Hollywood physique without asking for Hollywood prices.
  •  Build a lean, eye-catching, muscled physique, and melt away shirt-bulging belly fat even with minimal equipment.
  • Unravel one of the most well-hidden truths about building muscle using a lesson from the great Stoic philosopher, Seneca (learn how to execute this in the gym and you’ll never waste another workout).
  • Transform your physique (and your life) — if you follow the Four Steroid-Free Principles of Minimalist Muscle Building…as seen near the bottom of the page.
Your Life is busy. I get it.
There are times when my clients get busy and can’t train as often. So we scale back their training.
The same happens with my own training. As a father and owner of four businesses, I catch myself glancing at my program, gasping at the clock, and wondering how to maximize my precious minutes in the gym.
I suggest you do the same.
To get your best results you need focus.
The “fluff” in workouts clouds your view of what’s important and what generates great results.
You need to cut out the clutter, and learn to focus on the essentials.
You don’t need to “isolate” every muscle group and designate one body part for every day of the week.
This cluttered approach grains your motivation, leading to over-analyzing and ZERO results.
I mean, between the economy, COVID, your career, and your family you have enough to worry about. Why add training to the list?
Fortunately, you DON’T need a thousand different tempos, a complex Eastern European Squat program, and forty exercises to make progress.
What you do need…is simplicity and to chase progressive overload on a few chosen few exercises and the ability to do your workouts from a minimally equipped gym and even your own home.
Enough majoring in the minors. It’s time to get to work.
Hidden amongst the hundreds articles preaching “bro splits” (while dishing out workouts WAY too intense for “unassisted” lifters to recover from)…

Hidden between pages of the most popular muscle building magazines rambling on about the latest and greatest protein powder…
Hidden amongst the sheer wealth of results that Google spits out when you type in “how to build muscle…”
Gentlemen, no more.
The training sessions inside Minimalist Muscle are the simplest, quickest, and most effective workouts you’ll ever experience. 
I’ve been training myself for nearly two decades now, and I still  build my own programs off of the same principles that you’ll find inside the Minimalist Muscle Blitz Edition.
I use them because they work. And if it ain’t broke…why fix it?
Dr. John Rusin
“Eric is a game changer when it comes to helping men enhance their physique with intelligent and effective coaching.”
Eric Bach
Real quick: before we dive into the meat of this letter, let’s take a hot minute to talk about who the hell I, Eric Bach am.

“I’m a husband, father, and entreprenuer with a minimal time train.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life helping busy hard-working men optimize their health, performance, and look great naked.

The difference? At Bach Performance we think fitness should improve your life, not consume it. In other words, we want you to be able to enjoy your time with friends and family all while looking your best in the process.

Simply put…

I specialize in providing you with the tools, support, and mentorship needed to build a high-performance physique that feels and functions as great as it looks.**

Fair warning! You may see awesome transformations 

throughout the course of this letter
Well…The Minimalist Muscle Blitz is going to transform your life (and physique) by grinding against the grain of all the muscle-building advice you’ve ever read, heard, or had whispered in your ear.

Men’s Health, FLEX, EliteFTS and even T-Nation…all these muscle-building authorities will tell you that the key to unlocking jarring levels of muscle growth is to simply do more work.

That means more volume, more exercises, more training sessions, and ultimately…more of your precious, valuable time spent in the gym.

There are three things you NEED to know about this mainstream muscle-building advice:

1. Being told to “do more” holds more people back than it helps (as you’ve experienced, if you’re reading this page).

The reason why is simple: doing too much, yet failing to do it consistently erodes your momentum and instills poor habits. Worse, if you’re not sleeping or eating correctly, you’ll spike CORTISOL, the stress hormone that can actually break down muscle tissue and lead to increased belly fat.

When you combine the STRESS of 2020, COVID, and your hectic life the last thing you need is unnecessary stress.

A better option? Stick to a plan you’ll do consistently that gets you in and out of the gym. This eliminates momentum zapping missed workouts and provides the balanced program you need for long-term results.

2. 60 minute workouts are NOT required to build an eye-catching physique.

In fact, over the 10+ years I’ve been helping build muscle and burn fat, those who focus on having QUALITY 30-40 minute training sessions always see greater results than those who try to slave away for 60 minutes (or more) in the gym.

3. Lastly…it’s just plain wrong.

You don’t need MORE.

Counterintuitively, what you need is LESS.

Less volume, fewer exercises, and nothing more than three or four 30-40 minute workouts each week.

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