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Discover How to Skyrocket Your Conditioning Levels While Simultaneously Building Whole-Body Strength, Power, and Agility!

The Step-By-Step Program for Winning Through Superior Conditioning!

Dear Friend, If you want to build superhuman levels of conditioning, be able to continuously access your highest level of skill even while fatigued, and move with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re the best, then this will be the most important letter you read all year!

Here’s Why…

jon-warriorHi, my name is Jon Haas – Certified Underground Strength Coach-Level 2, 9th dan Black belt, Certified Personal Trainer, and creator of the Warrior Fitness Training System. I have spent over 30 years – a lifetime – training, studying and working with the best in the areas of martial arts and strength and conditioning to figure out how to reverse engineer the ultimate in human performance. Back in 2008 I wrote the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts. Since then I have been working harder than ever to refine my understanding, improve my system, and clarify my communication to bring you the best Program I can design!

Why is conditioning so important?

Frank Gotch, the first American professional wrestler to win the world heavyweight free-style championship, and credited for popularizing professional wrestling in the United States once said, “Conditioning is the greatest hold” – And he was right!gotch-16You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you feel like you’re on the verge of gassing out in a sparring match, a game, or in the ring? You want to avoid that feeling at all costs!


Possessing a highly conditioned body is the key to unlock ALL the other attributes and skills you’ve trained so hard for!


  • bullet2-1Without conditioning a fighter has no access to his techniques…


bullet2-1Without conditioning an athlete has no access to his strength..


bullet2-1Without conditioning a warrior has no access to his skills…

  • bullet2-1

  • All the techniques, tactics, and strategies you’ve worked so hard to learn and develop as a martial artist or athlete are far less effective when fatigued UNLESS you’ve trained to preserve power and strength in that fatigued state!


In my training and research I discovered these 3 critical combat conditioning mistakes that that separate the top performers from the ordinary…


Conditioning Mistake #1: Focusing on Aerobic Fitness

Combat, like life, does not happen at one constant rate of speed.  It is multi-faceted in nature.  There will be periods of brutally intense activity followed by lulls in the action, again followed by another flurry of activity.  Being able to use those lulls in action to recover is a critical ability for the warrior.


Steady state cardio, Long Slow Distance (LSD) training simply will not cut it.  Running on a treadmill may be appropriate for a hamster in a cage, but human beings require more.  Long distance running can be beneficial for mental toughness and/or active recovery, but it should not be the primary focus of a warrior’s endurance training.


Conditioning Mistake #2: WOD Envy

The current rage in conditioning training, especially when talking about combat conditioning, is to completely change up the workout for each and every session.


This has the advantage of keeping the training fresh and throwing the body into chaos each time so it never knows what hit it.  The hardcore advocates of this type of conditioning stress that this environment will create a very broad and general fitness that prepares the trainee for almost every physical contingency, both known and unknowable.  This enables one to prepare for the chaos and uncertainty of combat by training in an uncertain and chaotic environment.


Seems to make a lot of sense on the surface, right?


However, one of the problems resident with this type of training is that random training yields random results.  It’s difficult to measure progress when the parameters are constantly shifting.

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