Workout Finishers

There’s a NEW 5-minute sequence that’s turning the heads of trainers and coaches all over the world.
In the 2000s, we discovered HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was superior to traditional cardio for weight loss.
Then we discovered finishers…
Finishers, as you may know, flood your body with a hormone called “adrenaline”.
Adrenaline is an aggressive hormone that strips fat cells of life, giving you a leaner, flatter belly and a more defined physique.
Now there’s a NEW way to do finishers that give you even FASTER results…


No way.
How can you make something so good, that has served me and my clients so well, even better?
This was my first reaction.
But I had to test this new science.
I first read it from a study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning [1].
This study revealed those using density training experienced more growth hormone (a hormone that aids in burning fat at rest like when you’re watching Netflix).

However, This Insane Study is the One That Caught My Eye…

In this study [2], groups repeated three density exercises for 30 seconds and found they required more energy in 24 hours than they did from 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise.
What does this mean?…
EPOC is the phenomenon in which your respiratory rate stays elevated for hours after an intense workout to regain all the oxygen lost during the high-intensity exercise.
Essentially, all the air you’re gasping for during all that high intensity must be repaid.
As a result, your body seeks oxygen to get back to baseline, keeping your respiratory rate and metabolism elevated long after exercise ends.
So, YES.
You’re getting better results in 90 seconds than you would VS 30 minutes.
Now you can imagine the power of using density training for just 5 minutes and what that can do for weight loss.
Less Keto.
Less Paleo.
No more “cauliflower crusted” pizza.

However, It Gets Better – You’ll Burn 450% More Fat than Traditional Exercise Using Density Finishers

One study[3] compared the effect of 20 weeks of this unique method with 20 weeks of traditional exercise.
The results were mind-boggling…
Those that used density/HIIT hybrid finishers lost 9 times as much fast as the group that used traditional exercise!
Incredibly, the HIIT group lost 9 times as much fat as the ET group.
Yet another study[4] compared two groups.
Group 1 lifted MORE weights for a LONGER period of time.
Group 2 exercised HALF the time group 1 did, while lifting LESS weight overall.
Group 2 had 450% greater post-caloric burn the next day than Group 1!
All It Takes are the Right Exercises, in the Right Order, with the Right Tempo and Intensity, and You Can Burn 450% More Fat
Now with my 14+ years in the fitness industry and a Master Trainer, there is a science to density training.
Some exercises produce better results than others, especially when combined in a sequence.
I’ve seen this with my transformation contest winners and coaching clients.
So I figured why not leverage the power of density, and do something like this for those that are willing to invest just 5 minutes into their training for substantial results…

50 BRAND NEW 5-Minute No Fluff Finishers You Can Add to ANY Workout That Floods Your Body with 450% More Fat-Burning Hormones

  • This is a BONUS 5-minute sequence that my most successful clients use with their training program
  • ​Decreases your hunger and cravings, making you feel full without dangerous supplements
  • ​Improves your insulin sensitivity meaning you can eat MORE carbs WITHOUT gaining weight!
  • 50 brand NEW finishers using the power of adrenaline to burn fat faster WITHOUT changing your diet or current exercise plan in ONLY 5 minutes.
  • ​Every finisher includes no-impact options, beginner versions, and even 100% equipment-free options
  • ​Simply plug ONE finisher at the end of your routine to flood your body with adrenaline OR you can use ONE as a short-burst workout to burn the most fat possible in 5 minutes (great for busy people)
Now I realize I could add some unnecessary “fluff” bonuses to completely overwhelm you and price this for $37, $47, etc.
But as the finishers are called – they are indeed “No Fluff”.
That means no fluff exercises and complicated routines. Lots of fat-burning ladders, gauntlets, circuits, and more await you, but very simple.
If I added some bonuses that would cripple you because of info-overload, that would be…
… well, fluffy.
I could have added another graphic showing you get access to the exercise coaching video database, but it’s inside the main manual so why waste time on a graphic designer and that means I can pass those savings to you.
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