BioHarmony and LiftFactor.

Rebecca Amstrong faced the exact same thing that every woman struggles with once you turn 50.

And this something is hair thinning, hair falling out, and change of texture.

Somehow, without much notice, your hair turns into stringy, coarse, and lifeless strands.

And 99% of the time, nothing you do works.

Well, at least that was Rebecca’s story…

Until she stumbled on this $9.98 cent gooseberry.

An Ancient Indian berry that can do more for your hair than any hair product in your bathroom right now.

This One Tiny Berry Makes Your Hair Grow Longer, Thicker, And Healthier

And the only reason Rebecca learned about this berry was because she decided to look deeper into the natural remedies for hair regrowth.

In the end, all prescription medications take their roots from Nature. So why not look directly into the source?

And it’s this berry and its special properties that allow Rebecca to transform her hair from stringy, lifeless, and dull into thick, full, and healthy locks.

And she’ll show you how in just a second.

Because what’s really exciting is this ordinary 56-year-old mom of 2 from Ohio found a zero-calorie alternative that’s even better for your hair and your scalp.

This alternative nourishes your hair, restores scalp flexibility, and enhances follicle health better than any treat you can feed yourself every morning…

So that when you head out of the door every day, you know your hair looks and feels healthy, full, and vibrant… even if you don’t have much time to style it.

This treat is scientifically proven to extend the hair growth phase, boost hair density, reduce hair thinning, and hydrate the scalp

Today, Rebecca Amstrong Is Going To Share With You Exactly What This Is…

She’s also going to share with you a trick that transforms your hair scalp into the best hair growth and volume tool ever known to men.

On top of that, Rebecca will reveal the main reason why our hair rebels as we age, and becomes stringent, lifeless, and dull.

And this has to do with something scientists call hair growth blocker.

And she’s going to share with you an easy way to cheat menopause, the same way she’s been doing it for the last few years… just like 9,856 women with whom she shared this secret did it too.

A simple way that allows you to step into this new stage of life gleefully and embrace your beauty, grace, and confidence every day.

You don’t have to try different shampoos.

You don’t have to cut your hair short.

You don’t have to spend hundreds on growth hair serums that most likely don’t work.

Because this one berry is more than enough to revive and transform your hair into gorgeous locks.

All of this and more is yours inside this short and controversial letter…as a part of Rebecca’s plan to help one million women over 50 embrace the grace, elegance, and strength that comes with age…

As well as change the way midlife beauty and health are treated forever.

And This Rebecca Amstrong Is… Me.

If you’ve never heard my name before, I am not surprised.

You see, I am not a TV star, a Hollywood actress, or a hair model.

I’m a regular woman, a mom to two beautiful children, with an office job and a wonderful husband.

And just like you, I’ve been doing my best to adjust to the changes that this new stage of life brings.

This includes changes in hair structure, texture, volume, and health.

And it’s because of these changes I am here, writing to you.

And I knew my hair, just like my skin, would change.

Aging is normal, and menopause is inevitable.

That’s why I did the best I could to prepare emotionally for the changes.

And in general I’ve come to terms with my skin will lose elasticity and my hair would lose volume.

I knew that expecting my hair to stay as youthful as it used to be was a bit silly.

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