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Eliminate Excruciating Elbow Pain in Just Minutes without Expensive Appointments, Drugs or Surgery”


REVEALED: A Quick and Easy Step-by-Step Guide That Will Finally End Your Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, and Forearm Pain for Good

Dear Fellow Pain Sufferer,

My name is Jedd Johnson, and I am just like you.

I have suffered from intense pain in my elbows and forearms, I’ve struggled through workouts, and I’ve laid in bed awake at night wondering if the pain in my elbow was ever going to go away.

But I have been lucky enough, through trial and error, to figure out how to fix my elbow pain and keep it away for quite some time, and I want to show you how you can do the same, today.

Let me tell you my story…

It was 2003 and I had just begun a new form of strength training, called Grip Sport. This brand new sport involved all kinds of ways to test hand and forearm strength, like squeezing heavy-duty hand grippers until the handles touched together, lifting very heavy thick-handled dumbbells, and my favorite part of all – bending nails and steel bars!


Bending Some Big Steel

Once I found out about this new sport, I went at it like an animal – with 100% effort. Because I loved it so much, I began bending nails almost every single day of the week. It just felt awesome to twist a 6-inch nail into a U-shape.

Then, one day at work, I was pushing open the door to the cafeteria break room and got an intense pain in my arm that felt like someone was jabbing me with a red hot fireplace poker.


Here I am, a person with a desk job, and I found myself in the nurse’s station reporting an injury from opening a door – I couldn’t have been any more embarrassed…it felt like every single person walking by the door was staring at me in shame!

I soon learned that I had developed two conditions, commonly referred to as Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow.

Both are very common injuries that thousands of people suffer from each year – the only difference was most people only get one or the other. Both sides of my elbow were sensitive to the touch and they hurt so bad, I couldn’t even drink coffee using that arm for a week due to the pain.

I soon began going to a therapist and after spending hundreds of dollars and missing countless half-days of work, the pain was gone and I was back to my old self again.

I decided to take it a little easier on the Nail Bending after that.

Over the next couple of years, I experienced other bouts of Tennis Elbow, but thankfully, it was never as severe as that first time – and I think that is because I have figured out how to prevent it from happening again.

I have identified a handful of simple and easy-to-perform drills, that I do on a regular basis that I plug right into my current training and lifestyle, to prevent that terrible forearm pain from coming back.

I have even passed on this information to many friends and coaching clients and they remain free of nagging forearm pain as well…

Unfortunately, because I am recognized as an expert on grip and forearm strength development, I am contacted by people just like yourself from all over the world every single week about pain they are experiencing in their forearms and elbows.

Why I Tracked Down Rick Kaselj

Preventing forearm pain is my strong point, but what about those who already have forearm pain and so desperately need relief? I knew I needed to find somebody who was a master at helping people recover from injuries they had.

For over a year, I kept on reading about this injury expert, Rick Kaselj. I would see his name here, or see him in a video there, and I came to realize that Rick Kaselj was exactly the person I needed to work with to help people like you solve even their most frustrating elbow and forearm injuries!

What a list of accolades he has amounted…

I called Rick up – and as soon as he and I started talking, the gears started turning. We began brainstorming about all of our methods for fixing forearm pain and ending elbow injuries for good.

It was the first time we had ever talked to one another, but it was as if we were two old friends who were catching up, the way we were sharing stories about how our most trusted injury recovery and prevention methods had helped so many people.

When two like minds are able to feed off one another, it is like an explosion of new ideas.

Before we knew it, the Fixing Elbow Pain System had written itself.

The Complete Fixing Elbow Pain System

How the Fixing Elbow Pain System
Will Help You:

Component #1: Rehab of Lateral Elbow Pain ($39 Value)

In this component, Rick will show you what you need to do for lateral elbow pain.

It’s as if you’re in an appointment with Rick, as he takes you by the hand and explains everything you need to know about lateral elbow pain. He shows you the components of the Fixing Lateral Elbow Pain system in order to give you pain relief.

Rick will take the time to explain things in a way that you will understand and show you what you need to do, to get the most out of the exercises.

The first time you see this, you will see how different this program is from anything you have seen or any appointments you have attended for your pain.

Component #2: Rehab of Medial Elbow Pain ($39 Value)

When medial elbow pain hits, you always ask yourself, “What can I do to get rid of this?” Rick shows you what you can do.

Rick will show you the exercises to focus on and how to build a compounding pain relief effect from the exercises.

You will also see how easy it is to perform medial elbow pain relieving exercises and how little equipment you need.

Next, he will show you specific things to look for when doing activities that are known to cause forearm pain and how you can avoid them.

Component #3: Prevention Measures for Avoiding Elbow Injuries ($29 Value)

In this section, I will cover the best ways to keep injuries from taking place, showing you how to be pro-active without having to sacrifice training time or results – in fact, your results will be even better.

Pre-Activity Injury Prevention: We will look at how to get ready for sports, training, and other demanding activities just by including a proper warm-up. I’ll show you exactly how to do this effective warm-up to get blood flowing throughout the entire body, into the core, and out to the lower arms, helping you get primed for awesome workouts, big games, and any other time performance counts!

During-Activity Prevention Measures: You work hard, you practice hard, you play hard, and you train hard. I will show you how to keep on doing all of these things at a top level, by keeping an eye on certain risk factors that you are probably ignoring right now. Get ready to turn it up a notch, SAFELY.

Post-Activity Prevention Measures: This section is all about the Recovery Process. I will show you how you can jump-start the recovery process by reducing the tension stored in the muscles and tendons following a workout with a short battery of stretches I have found to be very helpful to me over the years.

Component #4: Pre-habilitation of the Elbow ($47 Value)

Effective Pre-habilitation for the Elbow Area and Forearms comes down to three types of training: Antagonistic Balance, Rotation Training, and Increasing Blood Flow.

Antagonistic Balance: This is just a fancy way of talking about training the extensors effectively. By strengthening the extensors, the muscles on the back of the forearm that open the hand, we are better able to maintain balance between them and the opposing muscle group, the flexors – the muscles on the bottom of the forearm that close the hand. These exercises are easy to perform, cost very little to incorporate, and you can build most of them yourself.

Rotation Training: By training the forearm rotators, we are able to strengthen the muscles that turn the forearm – muscles that are often completely neglected in forearm training, which results in weakness and susceptibility to injury. These are more simple exercises that you can begin doing with no problem at all.

Increasing Blood Flow: Blood brings nutrients to repair damaged tissue and helps carry away contaminants. You will learn 5 new exercises that you can do that will help promote circulation to the elbow area in order to keep it going strong.

Throughout This Entire Manual, Each Exercise Comes with Illustrations and Guidance for Volume and Frequency of Training – All the Work is Already Done for You!

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