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ATTENTION: MEN who want MORE MUSCLE without getting fat.
Read on to learn how to avoid extreme bulking and cutting cycles forever by utilizing Cyclical Training Cycles, Precision Hypertrophy Programming, Anabolic Interval Sessions, and the 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling System.


Brought To You By Muscle Building Expert, Fitness Author, Certified Trainer & Bodybuilder Frank Rich
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And here’s the best part — When you focus on a small “net gain” of only a few pounds of muscle a month, the end result is the appearance of a larger, more muscular, and defined physique (more on how that works later…)
But First:
4 reasons why you need to avoid “dirty bulks” at all costs & what it’s doing to your body and hormones. 
#1. An increase in body fat lowers testosterone

Testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen inside of fat tissues, so the higher amount of body fat you carry, the higher rate of this conversion, (resulting in you becoming less of a man).

In addition, we know the importance testosterone as the single greatest factor in muscle growth and fat loss, which is why so many bodybuilders take anabolic steroids. If your test levels are not at an optimal level, any time spent in the gym will be a waste because your body will not be in the right anabolic environment to build muscle and/or burn body fat.

#2. Decreased insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning

Building muscle is directly related to your level of insulin sensitivity. A body that is very insulin sensitive will drive nutrients into muscle cells, while one that is resistant will drive nutrients into fat cells.

By not paying attention to the timing of your nutrients and the quality of the foods that you consume, you are negatively affecting your body’s insulin sensitivity and lowering your ability to gain muscle and lose body fat over time.

#3. Fat cell hyperplasia

Imagine every fat cell in your body as a little bag, as your body fat increases, those bags fill up, but they can only hold so much fat. As a defense mechanism, as those bags fill up, your body needs a place to store new fat, so it creates new fat cells.

Here’s the problem, when you go to “lean out your body only has the ability to make the existing fat cells smaller by fat loss, it can remove fat cells. And with the addition of these new fat cells, your body is now becoming better at gaining fat and worse at losing it, making it harder for you to get lean in the future.

#4. Lower body fat levels contribute to a healthier immune system and less inflammation

The stronger your immune system is, the less likely you are at risk for minor infections and/or serious diseases. And the less inflammation your body has, the healthier the joints will be, allowing you to train with more weights and loads.

When you are not at risk of infections, diseases, and injuries, this allows you to train at the intensity and effort levels needed to continue to make muscle gains and not plateu.

So if we know that “traditional bulking” is bad, then why is it still taught and practiced by so many coaches and trainers?
  • It’s Tradition – Dating all the back to the early 1960s and 1970s, bodybuilders used bulking and cutting seasons. The difference from back then though was that junk food was not as readily available as it is today. So while, they did eat a ton of food, the quality was much better than what guys use today to bulk up with when they follow the “see food” diet of consuming anything and everything.
  • Used by competitors and enhanced athletes- Competitive bodybuilders train to look good and peak a few times a year. That’s why the bulk and cut approach can be useful for them. In addition, the use of substances to accelerate fat loss without muscle loss allow them to drastically lower calories without the negative side effects. Most men don’t need to worry about getting stage lean (3-5% bodyfat), getting to and maintaining a body fat around 8% is enough, and attainable when the right approach to training and nutrition is applied.
  • An excuse to be lazy and eat junk food – Very few men have the discipline to make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to build a lean, muscular, & aesthetic physique. They fall victim to the rationalization of bulking as an excuse to follow a poor diet as a means to increase the number on the scale by any measure. With just a little more self-discipline, they could become much more efficient and building muscle long term by slightly increasing calories but using better food choices.
So Is It True?
Are The Days Of Hardcore Bulks & Extreme Cuts Dead?
Is There A Faster And Simpler Approach To Adding The Muscle You Deserve While Revealing Better Abs Than When You Started In Under 90 Days? 
The Answer Is YES!!! And I’m going to teach you how…
If you are someone who…
  • Struggles to gain muscle mass without adding pounds of unwanted body fat
  • Follows the traditional, old school mentality of “heavy weights” with compound movements
  • Spends countless hours on a treadmill hoping to burn off your belly fat
  • Is confused about what, when, and how much to eat with all the conflicting and complicated nutrition information
  • Is still struggling to sculpt that perfect body you desire and deserve
Make sure you read EVERY SINGLE WORD on this page where I reveal to you the exact system that I used to take…
 This Guy
And Turn Him Into      
 This Guy
  • Bogus Supplements or Drugs
  • Marathon Workouts or Living In The Gym
  • Excessive Muscle Burning Cardio Sessions
  • Extreme Caloric Restriction & Food Deprivation
But first you may be wondering… 
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