Ultimate Keto Shred 2023 – AOV Monster!


Ultimate  Keto Shred  Program v2.0  проведет вас через кето-диету и предоставит вам все инструменты, необходимые для достижения ваших целей.

Что такое кето-диета и как узнать, подходит ли она вам?

Кето-диета состоит из следовых углеводов, умеренного количества белков с высоким содержанием жиров.

Когда я говорю «жир», я имею в виду «хороший жир» из авокадо, орехового масла, лосося и растительных масел.

The Keto diet forces your body to change and will burn the increased fats and be your primary source of energy, giving you a more stable supply of energy.

Keto will suppress your appetite and reduce hunger cravings, reducing the risk of overeating.

With my Ultimate Keto Shred program, you’ll gain confidence, motivation, and knowledge to follow through and meet your goals in 4 weeks.
This knowledge with help you make sustainable and lifetime changes!

Unlock your 4-week FREE access to the JRF Membership

Valid until 31 March 2023


Meal Plans

Including Cream Cheese Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs, Scotch Fillet and Jo’s Keto Bake.Including Cream Cheese Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs, Scotch Fillet and Jo’s Keto Bake.


Including LISS, MISS and HIIT cardio workouts and strength training.


A supplement guide on pre-workout, fat burners and what they really do.

Burn fat as fuel!

In-depth information on the Keto diet, how to overcome the ‘Keto Flu’, why fat is good for you and the benefits of Keto.



Happy New Year! Are you ready to take on 2023?

In a few days I’m going to be starting my journey to get leaner than ever AND

I want you to join me.

I’ll be on this journey for 90 days in a quest to look better than ever.

At the end of this shred challenge,

I’ll be picking 1 lucky JRF member and flying them to Dubai! 

Want a chance to WIN this trip while getting in amazing shape?

Step 1: Sign up to your preferred JRF membership.

Step 2: Join me on my shredding journey and tag me on social media (IG, TikTok, FB) by using the hashtag #shredwithjo – This way I know you’re in this with me.

Step 3: Take your progress pics while on your transformation journey!

I’ll be looking at all these factors when choosing the winner for the trip to Dubai.

So, If you are up for the challenge and want to get leaner than ever this year,

Hit the button below and let’s get to work on your new physique! 

* To be in to win the Trip to Dubai, you must sign up via this page. * T & C Apply.



“Absolutely love the level of customer service you get on this Keto program, I was honestly so shocked! It has made the entire process so easy and made me feel like I was a part of a family”

Jansen Taiapa

“I have been following the JRF program for a few years now and every time I decide to commit to the diet I completely change the way I look for the best. I’ve tried a couple of other programs along the way but none have been easier to follow than the JRF Program hence why I keep coming back! I always get results and that’s an understatement.”

Michael Low

“JRF changed my life by giving me the resources I need to get out of my stuck routine. I had no goal, no motivation and was always putting off starting. Keto fills me with energy, my skin has got better and has given me a new interest to research and follow.”

Ange Hill

“I started off on the JRF keto plan and did keto for over 12 months. I never thought it was possible to get to where I am, it all comes down to focus, consistency and determination. I still have a long way to go but I am feeling incredible with where I am right now. JRF meal plan helped me understand macros and get more of an idea of what I needed to do to start my journey! KEEP PUSHING, YOU GOT THIS! 



What’s up guys, I’m Josef Rakich I’m here to explain what exactly is the Ketogenic diet without any of the hype or fluff – Just the facts you need.​

Throughout my time I have seen how the Keto diet has worked for people who in the past have struggled for years to lose weight and had no success.

I have met people who had given up and thought that they would always be “the big one”, go on to change their lives and inspire others by showcasing what is possible on Keto. I have been able to witness their excitement and hear the energy in their voices after getting amazing results in just the first week!

Я ЗНАЮ, что когда ваше тело будет в отличной форме, вы увидите улучшения во всех сферах жизни, с повышенной энергией и большей уверенностью в себе. Я считаю, что контроль над своим весом не должен быть сложным или дорогим. Я хочу сделать это как можно проще.

Моя миссия с этим руководством состоит в том, чтобы помочь как можно большему количеству людей достичь своих целей и чувствовать себя уверенно и комфортно в своей коже. Когда дело доходит до питания и фитнеса, нет легких путей, я стремлюсь охватить все аспекты кето, включая хороший и плохой жир, кето-грипп и преимущества кето.

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